crafting extraordinary spaces that inspire

With a degree in Architecture and a minor in Town Planning, I’ve amassed over 25 years of professional experience across diverse countries, including the USA, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Sierra Leone. My design journey has embraced a wide spectrum, encompassing Apartment Buildings, Shopping Centers, Luxury Residences, Hotels, and Office Buildings.

My impact on the architectural landscape is something I’m truly proud of. I’ve poured my creativity into meticulously designing over 300 luxury residences for the esteemed Ethiopian development project known as “Habitat Real Estate.” This project, valued at approximately 50 million dollars, stands as a testament to my dedication and creative prowess.

Beyond my work in Ethiopia, my influence extends across the African continent. I’ve played a pivotal role in conceiving innovative Apartments, Malls, and Office Complexes in various regions, contributing to the growth and modernization of diverse communities.

My journey also led me to the United States, where I was an integral part of a dynamic design team. Together, we crafted a striking apartment complex comprising 120 units, alongside visionary creations including a Community Center, City Library, and High School designs that enriched the local urban fabric.

My career is built on a foundation of excellence, and I continue to be a driving force in the world of architecture. My designs not only reflect my keen eye for aesthetics but also my commitment to functional and sustainable spaces. As an architect who transcends boundaries, my work leaves an indelible mark on the built environment, shaping a better future for generations to come.

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